May 09

June 17, 2009

Grace Of Dimensions

The idea that God is outside of any dimension that we understand, illustrated with 2D characters being hugged by a character in a third dimension (God) 

An animation made for Newport Christian Union Hope Exhibition


April 09

June 17, 2009

tv ident project for E4, inspired by beatboxing by editing video clips.

March 08

April 15, 2009

A collaboration with Ben Cady, Pete Millard and Jess Waignwright, from the University of Wales, Newport, this film is to comment on the growing apathy of the human race through a metaphoric decent using hot air balloons. This for me is the most extensively successful film I’ve worked on so far, and I think the journey from ideas to final realisation took about 8 weeks, although we do still want it to develop further. If you haven’t hit HQ to watch this, you know you want to!

February 09

April 15, 2009

People watching… I love watching how people work, mannerisms, facial expressions, actions and all that! I edited footage filmed by Jack & Dan Caulfield.

January 09

April 15, 2009

As it’s the coldest time of year we figured we should go and dive in the sea! This was inspired by Elephant gun- by Beirut, and it’s sort of a collaboration I did with post-student filmmaker Dan Caulfield.